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Pardon my lack of posting. If you found this, thank you for your support.

You lay in bed, eyes looking at the roof. “Don’t look at the clock”, you think to yourself. You break and take a glance. It reads “1:17am”, forcing you to contemplate sleep math and how much time before you have to get up. Blah!

Whether it’s the night before a big shoot, or presentation, or any day that you need to perform, a good nights sleep is critical. It’s something that I still struggle to get right (I often can’t stop thinking about the details of the next day), but here are some helpful tips to try and set you up.

1) Plan your night out ahead of time

The best way to get a good sleep is to structure your time properly before it’s sleepy time. Avoid coffee and sugary foods that give you an energy hit after 3pm. I like to exercise in the day to tire my body out by the evening. For exercise, make sure it’s around 5 hours before you should be sleeping. If you feel like you have energy, try and spend as much of it as you can to tire out your brain and get it ready for sleep. Hopefully you avoid the double edged sword that is getting your brain fired up and making it even harder to sleep. But I find that most often this works well.

2) Flux and Night Shift

Ideally you should be disconnecting from electronics to wind your brain down before bedtime. But if there is still work to do, use Flux (for the PC/Mac) and Night Shift (for iphone but there are android variants) to change the colour temperature of your screen to something warmer. This helps settle your eyes and keep you brain from “waking up” via the blue light before bedtime.

3) Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

This is the last resort. It tastes gross, and smells even worse, but boy does it work. Mixing a table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water, along with some honey to help the taste is a knockout drink that seems to help with shutting your body down. I have to plug my nose when I drink it, but I always find that I sleep soundly after consuming it. An alternative would be to take Melatonin, but where’s the fun in an easy to take, non smelling, pill? Haha

This is where I first learned about the Apple Cider Vinegar trick.

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Best of luck to you in your sleep adventures!