How to master remembering any idea for creative use later!

It’s simple. Carry a notebook.

I can’t say how many times I’ve had a idea and thought to my self' “Oh this is great! I’ll definitely remember this later.” It never happens. Often I can recall only 30%. Enough to know it was a good idea, but the real guts of it is gone.

You can enhance your memory recall with brain games that practice memorization, but the best way to ensure 100% accuracy is a notebook.

I have a little moleskin journal beside my bed for when I’m falling asleep and that creative rush comes to you. You know the one that hits you right as you’re eyes are getting heavy and you start to drift away into slumber. Side note: this can also help with falling asleep. Clearing an idea from your mind lets you brain relax, instead of actively trying to semi-think about, remember, and develop that idea.

I would also advocate for a physical journal over your cell phone’s notes app. I find it’s a more peaceful experience that’s conducive to being creative. When I use my phone, I end up distracted by other “productivity apps” on my phone. Or I have whole list of notes that have little comments here and there because it’s too easy to record notes.

Plus, it’s like a little adventure when you read back through your notes. This is especially fun when you get to look back at a few years of writing and sketches.

Here’s two of my favorite notebooks:

Field Notes.jpg

Field Notes

Rite in the Rain.jpg

Rite in the Rain


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